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AAILP is to promote study, research and analysis on international legal matters of particular interest and relevance to African countries and to foster the teaching and dissemination of international law in Africa. Our mission is to develop trade capacity and create innovative trade solutions for the african region.

Based on this observation and their personal and professional experiences in Africa, the founding members of the African Academy have created this organisation to capacitate individuals and institutions through partnerships that focus on embedding capacity in institutions.

AAILP prides itself on its dynamism and ability to respond to current and emerging global legal issuesThrough our customised services – including the creation of publications, provision of policy advice, legislative drafting, technical assistance and expert level educational courses – AAILP endeavours to ensure the proper and consistent application of international laws and regulations.

AAILP has a core network business model, a team of international law expert and lawyers  and professional support staff. AAILP’s network of associates provides specialist expertise to enhance its capacity to deliver capacity-building initiatives. AAILP  collaborates with many regional and international organisations; such institutional partnerships expand the reach and impact of AAILP’s work. To become the leading legal research and training think tank in Africa and nd to be a world class institution that is the primary source of information, training and advice at the highest level of policy formulation on legal taxi transfers london matters, effectively impacting on local and international institutions in the development of law. As economic integration progresses at the macro-level, the establishment of a legal and regulatory environment where private transnational exchanges can take place becomes paramount for developing countries to attract further investment as well as promote local private sector development.

As an organisation, AAILP subscribes to principles of good corporate governance. The AAILP Board provides governance oversight and the AAILP Advisory Board provides strategic leadership for the organisation.

Within its defined scope and the programmes it conducts, the AAILP promotes its activity by initiating and organising events, either directly or in partnership (symposia, conferences, meetings, seminars, etc.), by giving financial or logistics support, or through the participation of its members (e.g. appearances as keynote speakers or panelists)

Core Values:

EXCELLENCE : At AAILP we provide the highest standards of service, ensuring we always meet the needs of our clientele. Our philosophy is to maintain a standard of excellence in our work, striving to set new benchmarks in international law and dispute resolution.


CAPACITY BUILDING:Our training programmes are designed to offer clientele the capacity building knowledge needed in order to fulfil future development projects in an independent, sustainable manner.